Audi's Most Redundant Car May Finally Come To America

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Back in 2009, Audi mystified the world by introducing a four-door version of the two-door version of their midsize four-door family car. This was the Audi A5 Sportback and we never got it in the United States, but it looks like we will.

Audi USA’s Scott Keogh made the announcement directly to Automotive News earlier today, stating “I feel confident that there will be another variant of the A5 that will be a real home run.” He went further to note that this is probably not some kind of retractable hardtop or landaulet version, clarifying that “there’s one we don’t have.”


Keogh is perhaps trying to match BMW’s decision to offer the 4 Series Gran Coupe here, which is also a four-door version of the two-door version of BMW’s 3 series. Or perhaps Keogh is trying to match the BMW 3 Series GT, which is a four-door hatchback version of the BMW 3 Series sedan. But both of those cars are only matching Audi’s A5 Sportback/A5/A4 lineup as sold in the rest of the world so who knows or who cares the German car industry is a mess and everyone is trying to do what the other ones are doing which is why, dear god why, any of these cars exist.


Sales in the U.S. of the Audi A5 Sportback should start next year.


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