Audi's Latest Light Technology Doesn't Look U.S. Legal To Us

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When Audi gave the world a 610 hp supercar with freakin' laser headlights, the U.S. government said no, thanks. So guess what they would say to this?

People out there might be looking for drugs, dirty dancing and pounding techno music, but Audi has no intention to put this LSD trip into production just yet. Instead, their "Swarm" concept is here to showcase what's achievable using OLED technology:

Movements of the red dots take their orientation from movements of the car. When a right turn is made, they flow to the right; when the car is braked they flow more dynamically and diffusely. The faster the car is going, the faster they move. The driver in the car behind can thus always tell at a glance what the driver ahead is doing.


That great, but can it say "JALOPNIK RULES"? If not, we're not interested.

Forget GIFs, Audi Light Art will be the second coming of Andy Warhol for sure. In Europe, that is.