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Audi's Exclusive SQ5 Is Blue And Really, Really, Really Expensive

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Audi loves diesel. They win Le Mans with diesel power. They espouse the virtues of it's efficiency on the roads.

For the SQ5 TDI, Audi combined the two. And now they're bringing an ultra expensive, exclusive version to the Paris Motor Show. And daaaaaamn is it expensive.


As Audi has noted, this is the first S model to have a diesel engine. So it better have some Fahrverggogen, which I believe is a technical German term for powwwwerrrrr.

The turbo diesel V6 in the SQ5 puts out 313 horses and 479 pound feet of torque. That should be enough to make it positively quick.


But the big news in Paris is the first run of the cars, which Audi is calling the "exclusive." The "exclusive" SQ5 has no added power but does have added luxuriousness and exclusivitiveness.

This SQ5 is blue, Aral Blue crystal effect to be exact. On the inside, it has Nappa leather, sport seats, Alcantara, and probably a steering wheel and possibly an arm rest.

But here's the kicker: The SQ5 will be limited to 50 units and will cost €92,000 in Germany. That's €34,000 more than the base car. You better really want a cool blue SQ5 to spend that much more.


Deliveries of the car will start in early 2013.