Audi's Carbon Neutral E-Gas Is Real And They're Actually Making It

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Last year I went to Germany and heard about what Audi called e-gas, a carbon neutral sustainable fuel. It sounded all well and good, and they had ambitious plans to start producing it this year. And it wasn't vaporware. This is really happening.

Audi and technical partner Joule just opened their first full fledged facility to make e-gas in Werlte, Germany. The facility breaks down water into hydrogen and oxygen, and then through some very complex methanation and other science type things, you get a fuel that is very similar to compressed natural gas.


It's a crazy process.

Audi has a car, the A3 g-tron, which can run on e-gas or CNG. It just won't be coming to America yet. They do have big plans to expand to America in the future with actual liquid gasses that should be imperceptible from the real thing.

I didn't think the original e-gas would happen this quickly, so now I won't doubt that the liquid version will come soon.

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Why wouldn't you just use the Hydrogen? Or a fuel cell for that matter? Seems like an unnecessary extra step; especially if the want to eventually just go e-tron anyway.