Audi to Bring Forced Induction V6 Back to the S4?

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Sure, Audi's 4.2-liter V8 is an engine for the ages, but some purists cried foul when that eight-snogger became the default powerplant for the S4. Wasn't forced induction an Audi hallmark? Time marches on, and word from Fourtitude is that Audi may be reconsidering the S4's eightness. Insiders say Audi's been testing a mechanically aspirated engine on Germany"s Nürburgring, though are split on what type is is. Some say turbos, some say kompressor, and a vocal few say Audi's going to use VW's twincharger technology to combine the two in one batshit version of the 3.0-liter V6. Whatever it is, it appears Audi's planning an assault on the BMW 335i, with more than 300 horsepower from this new powerplant, whatever it is, while adding a few points to its fleet mileage average. [Fourtitude]


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Yes! That turbo six was fantastic. Here's hoping they really do bring it back.