Audi R8 e-Tron Concept Is Not An Electric Lightcycle

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Despite the name, the Audi R8 e-Tron electric concept to be unveiled this week in Frankfurt is not a lightcycle for the new Tron movie. Instead, it's an electric concept designed to show, despite previous comments, Audi hearts electricity.


Despite comments by Audi officials that no leaks would occur ahead of the September 15th unveiling of the four-ringed brand's concept car, these leaked concept renderings/photos found their way out onto the internet. What these mid-resolution shots reveal is a concept car with a profile that's pure R8 but with a completely different front grille, LED headlights, wheels and rear end. The interior also is quite different, featuring a driver-biased center console with two screens; one for the rear view camera and one showing a navigation map.


While not much else is known about the e-Tron electric car other than a few leaked shots — if other Audi leaks are any indication, we're expecting to get the full load of shots and info in the next few hours. For the moment, you'll have to sate your desires with these early pictures. So tell us what you think in the comments below — and be on the look-out for more shots and send us some tip-love at our tips e-mail. [via World Car Fans]

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State possible uses of the mirror grille below.

I'll start: This is a car version of a ceiling mirror...for Roy Wort.