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The driver of this Audi Q5 miraculously escaped injury after the little SUV took a shortcut from the fourth floor of a parking garage directly to the Earth.

Authorities say 23-year-old Lindsay Taylor Cook was “not seriously injured” despite going through what must have been an absolutely pants-pooping ordeal. A surveillance camera from the Towson Parking Garage caught the spectacle as it came crashing down on the sidewalk in front of the facility.

The car looks totaled, but, I have a feeling a lesser machine would not have faired nearly as well. Our Project XJ, for example, would have atomized on impact with its rusty flakes blown away by wind before a tow truck could even get there.

As for how this happened, police are really only saying “Cook was pulling into a parking space on the fourth floor of a parking garage when her vehicle, an Audi Q5 SUV, went forward.” Case of the confused gas-and-brake pedal perhaps?

Image sent in from Paul, whose brother works at the garage and took this.


Glad everybody was okay. Be careful out there, even when parking!

Hat tip to $kaycog!