Audi Is Designing Extra Loud Horns For India

In India, honking is not used as a sign of aggression; it's just how you get through the country's massive, chaotic streams of traffic. Audi is now designing louder, longer-lasting horns specifically for the Indian market.

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In an interview with the Indian financial paper Mint, Michael Perschke, brand director for Audi India, explained that horns in Indian Audis come from different suppliers than those in the rest of the world and use different settings. Audi tests them "with two continuous weeks only of honking." Perschke described the need for these sturdier horns.

You take a European horn and it will be gone in a week or two. With the amount of honking in Mumbai, we do on a daily basis what an average German does on an annual basis.


Canadian newspaper The Globe And Mail points out that India's increasing rate of hearing loss is certainly tied to traffic noise and a blatant disregard for the country's regulated decibel levels are nothing new.

Photo Credit: Associated Press


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