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Audi Is Bringing Tons Of Diesels To America And That Pleases Us

Illustration for article titled Audi Is Bringing Tons Of Diesels To America And That Pleases Us

It finally happened. And we're jumping for joy.

Audi revealed its new range of diesels for the US market, after years of Americans badgering the luxury brand to bring them over from Europe. Now there's a clean diesel option on some of the company's best-sellers here, the Q5 and A6, as well as the super pretty A7 and plush A8.


Shown in LA in a shade probably called "It's So Bright White," Audi can finally quit calls to install the excellent 3.0 TDI V6 in something other than the big ass Q7. The TDI makes 240 horses and 406 lb.-ft. of torque. In the big A8, where it will do battle with the Mercedes S350 Bluetec, it gets the car to 60 in a claimed 6.4 seconds, all while returning an EPA rating of 36 MPG highway.

The engine already proves relatively hushed in the Q7, so it's suitably refined and will seem at home even in the stylish A7 hatchback. Other than some badges, though, there's not much stylistically different with the TDIs with the standard gas engines.


The A8 shows up here in spring 2013, while the others will join it and the Q7 sometime next fall. This year's LA show is proof cool, efficient engines are finally here.

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Uh... 36 MPG isn't exactly amazing. Especially given that diesel now costs a lot more than gas, and many regular ole' gas engines are now pushing 40MPG...