Audi e-tron: Sexiest Electric Car Concept Ever

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When you open your press conference by stating you don't believe electric cars are the future you can't then show the Audi e-tron Concept, right? Well, then it must just be for ze fascination mit electric power, ja?

[gallery 5417485]Between it's 3,320 lb-ft of torque and electric body, it makes our teslas coil.


We originally saw the e-tron concept in Frankfurt, but this is the first time it's come out in eye-searing emergency orange.

Even if it looks like the last thing you see before blacking out after a Vitamin C overdose, with true "quattro" coming from electric motors connected to the front-and-rear axles the e-tron is quite the electric R8 fantasy.

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VeeArrrSix now powered by FA20F

Inka Orange FTW!

Wheels? I'm sure they have to be pretty strong to stand up to 800 ft/lbs of torque each... but damn!