Crossovers are all the rage these days with the kids and the adults. Well, Audi just introduced a dual mode plug in hybrid crossover SUV convertible concept called the Crosslane Coupe.

Wait, what?

The Crosslane Coupe has the unique distinction of quite possibly being the most confused car of all time. It is literally everything all at the same time. Adding all of those together results in a design that some would call interesting. That's what I call it too, but I do have a little bit of a quizzical look on my face, like a dog while saying it.

The concept is powered by a 1.5 liter TFSI engine and has two electric motors that are motivated by a whole load of lithium ion batteries. At just more than 3,000 pounds, the weight is actually impressive for a car like this.

A 2+2 design, the Crosslane has what Audi has deemed a "Multimaterial Space Frame." It's made of aluminum, carbon fiber polymers, and glass fiber polymers. It's supposed to be rigid and provide excellent protection for the occupants. it also has a moveable trunk, which appears to mean it can shift shapes and such to let the top go down.


While the car is very much a concept, it could also be a preview of an upcoming small crossover, the Q2.



Photo Credit: GF Williams