Audi "Chase" Super Bowl Commercial: The Full Version

We previewed the 30-second version of this year's Audi Super Bowl commercial and now we have the full version, with Jason Statham piloting luxury sedans through four decades below.

Audi "Chase" Super Bowl Commercial: The Full Version
1970s: Mercedes Benz 280SE 4.5 v. Lincoln Mark V
Audi "Chase" Super Bowl Commercial: The Full Version
1980s: BMW 5-Series v. Pontiac Trans Am
Audi "Chase" Super Bowl Commercial: The Full Version
1990s: Lexus ES v. GMC Suburban
Audi "Chase" Super Bowl Commercial: The Full Version
2000s: Audi S6 v. Buell Ulysses

This was certainly the direct-from-an-automaker ad with the highest production costs of Super Bowl XLIII, bringing out a popular action star and spending most of the time focusing on other luxury brands. Of course, they crashed a Lincoln into a Mercedes, threw a Bimmer through a billboard, scoffed at a Lexus ES (our favorite part) and then outrun some bikes in a "supercharged A6" before going... somewhere. The story is never fully explained but, honestly, isn't really the point. Enjoy.

[Source: Hulu, Audi]


Rob Emslie

The :60 Audi spot at least made more sense than that :30 last week. Regardless, it was a weak concept. The Genesis Coupe spot had a lot more kinetic energy than the Audi spot, but there's something about a Hyundai burning around the track that leaves me unmoved. Maybe too much Top Gear has numbed my senses to that kind of ass-out sliding around and lipstick-cam POVs.

BUT< they pale in comparison to the horribleness of the other ads during the game. Geez, it seems like only getting hit in the nuts or thrown out a window can get a laugh these days.

And what was up with that Jack in the Box getting hit by a bus ad? WTF?

I did like the careerbuilder ad, and would now like to punch a Koala.