If you go to Audi USA's website and build yourself a new S4, don't select the Imola Yellow paint as it runs a little pricey — $46,000 pricey. Configurator FAIL! UPDATE!


Surely this is a mistake, and we're waiting to see how long before Audi wakes up the intern they use to code the website. In the meantime, in the words of our tipster Arpad: "That's some expensive ass paint."

UPDATE: Audi sent us this note after realizing the error, which they say was caused when switching over from MY2010 to MY2011:

If you think yellow is expensive, check out the red. Seriously though, the actual price for yellow is $475. http://audi.us/9i62QM Thanks for the heads up.

The Audi Marketing Team.

[Audi USA]

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