One bid is all it can take at a car auction to end up owning a vehicle you may not exactly have planned to purchase. According to the seller of this 1970 Plymouth Hemi Superbird, that is exactly how he ended up the proud new owner of this rare Mopar at last month's Mecum Spring Classic.

This Vitamin C Superbird is one of 77 examples built in 1970 with a 426 Hemi and Automatic transmission. As you can see the car is in extremely nice condition, thanks to a recent six figure nut and bolt restoration. Although the car is an automatic—which makes it less desirable in the world of high end Mopars—we'd agree with the seller it was still quite a steal at a final sale price of $177,500 after buyers fees.

We don't have to tell you this isn't exactly the kind of car you usually see sell on Ebay, especially with no reserve. It would appear the unexpected nature of this purchase certainly goes a long way towards explaining how this car ended up for sale to the highest bidder in an online auction.

Even so, this unintentional auction buy will prove quite profitable if the sale is completed successfully. The current high bid on the car is $212,222 with more than a day left on the auction—about $34,722 more than what the car sold for at Mecum. Not a bad profit to go along with the pleasure of owning a Hemi Superbird for a few weeks.