Sometimes I like to use the internet to store things I may need if certain situations arise; in this case, the situation is that I go back in time to the mid 1990s and end up working for Volkswagen deciding colors and trim packages for the Mark IV Golf. If that happens, this post is here to remind me to get VW to offer a contrasting color package for this C-pillar body panel.


I think the Mark IV is the best version of the Golf (and Jetta) aesthetically—it’s a clean, taut design that works very well. I always especially liked the way attention and care was taken with regard to panel and shut lines, and I think this body/C-pillar panel is especially attractive, which is why I think it deserves a contrasting color to make it pop.

Who said cars have to be monochromatic? VW had those Harlequin cars—why not this? I think it’s fun. A late-’90s take on those Starsky & Hutch-style stripe kits.

Also, note to self: buy Apple stock. Use the bonus VW will certainly give you for this idea!

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