Ate Up With Motor Corvair Article Is Out, Angry Mob Of Corvair Zealots Gathering

We remain hopeless Ate Up With Motor junkies, and AUWM pusherman Aaron Severson has just provided us with more un-stepped-on automotive history for our mainlining pleasure.


In fact, Mr. Severson's latest piece ends up giving GM plenty of credit for the long list of innovations and risk-taking seen in the Corvair, and the car itself comes off looking pretty good... but that won't matter to the Corvair Jihad. To the Corvair Jihadis, the Corvair story goes like this:

1. In late 1959, the Greatest Car Ever Built appeared. New era of peace and harmony begins.
2. Ralph Nader.
3. Why doesn't anyone scream about the Beetle's trailing throttle oversteer?
4. Forces of darkness take over, downward spiral of American civilization begins.

So, we can expect a fatwa to be issued on Mr. Severson's head— you don't create an animated GIF showing how the swingaxle "jacking" effect works without enraging the Corvair Jihadis (for the record, Jihadis, I'm a big Corvair fan). For the rest of us, let's enjoy the fruits of another of AUWM's vast research projects. You'll get GM politics, the Monza Turbo, the Corvair vans and wagons, the works. Murilee says check it out!
[Ate Up With Motor]

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