At SXSW? Come Talk With Me About Hacking Cars!

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The reason I'm out here at SXSW is because I was invited to be on a panel called, optimistically, Will Hackers & Makers Save Car Culture? And while I'm pretty sure car culture is doing just fine, we're entering a golden age of car hacking, and we want to talk about it.


I'll be on the panel with skilled car hacker Rob Edwards, and the moderator will be John Dohrmann, both of whom work for TeamOne.

I've been covering car hacks for quite a while here at Jalopnik, and I'm always impressed with the amazing things people come up with to do with their cars. And while I long for the days when every other suburban garage had an old VW chassis they were turning into a fake MG TD or a tiny moon-van, the truth is new technologies like 3D printing and cheap, flexible computers like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi are making possible so many car-related projects that were at best pipe dreams as recently as ten years ago.

We'll also cover the darker side of Car Hacking, and try to make sense of what's media fear-mongering, and what's a worthwhile concern.

So, if you're around, come out and say hello! I'll also bring my goofy Oldsmobile-seat-controller-Atari-joystick, because why not. I'm really hoping to hear about people's nice, bonkers projects.

See you on Tuesday, at 4:30, in the Omni Downtown Lone Star, wherever that is!



I am a bit far away to come and talk about car hacking in person, but I do have one pressing question you can answer over the internet. Just how does one "in the know" verbalize SXSW? Ess-exx-Ess-dubbyah? Sixsew? Sexswah? Essex-swah?