At Long Last, Ferrari Designs A Car Specifically For Golfing

Don't you hate showing up to the country club in your Ferrari FF only to have Chauncey and Heathcliff tease you because your car isn't tailor-made to suit your golfing needs? (They think they're so great just because they went to Yale.) Well, no more! Ferrari has introduced new options for the FF that should fix that.


At the Geneva Motor Show today, Ferrari announced three all-new configuration options will be available for the FF under their existing Tailor Made program, which lets owners personalize their cars so those country club valets stop mixing them up all the time. And those people have the gall to ask for a minimum wage increase. Balderdash!

Anyway. Those three new options are called Ski, Golf and Country, and I have one of each on order, but I'm most excited about Golf so I can really rub it in Heathcliff's stupid Yalie face. Here's how it works:

The three configurations (Ski, Golf and Country) avail of tough, waterproof technical materials with functional and design details inspired by each specific area of use. Ski, for instance, includes a luggage compartment lined in anti-scratch carbon-fibre with metal inserts, while the Golf configuration is trimmed in the classic tartan that is widely used in the sport. Country, on the other hand, is designed for outdoor and country activities, and so the focus is on warm leather tones with the luggage compartment entirely lined in the same Testa di Moro leather used to trim the cabin.

Ferrari is an Italian company that also makes race cars.

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