At Least Your Day Wasn't This Bad

I’ve been trying not to complain too much about Texas’s absurd weather because my family hasn’t been hit quite as hard as others. But there are just some people that had it even worse. Nothing will ever be as bad as walking out to discover your car has been completely engulfed by Mr. Freeze’s wrath.

When Kiana Vance from Dallas, Texas headed out to her parking garage to check on her car, she found that a pipe had burst directly above it—and that her car was entirely engulfed in ice. Like, impressively coated. Like, it’s gonna take a week of warm weather to solve this problem coated.


“There are seven floors in this parking garage,” Vance says in the video, showing off the empty parking spaces before turning to her car, which has been iced over as a result of a pipe leak.

Vance chatted with Buzzfeed about the situation:

Before the ice storm, I parked this car on the top level of my apartment parking garage and stopped driving it because I got a new car. Little did I know, the pipe above the car burst right when the storm hit—and nobody told me that it was leaking on my car.

I found out about it when I saw it on the news because I have been driving my other car that’s located on a different floor of the garage. It’s still frozen. I’m going to just wait for it to thaw out before doing anything that might damage the car more.

So, if you’ve been struggling with a lack of power, water, or Internet, just remember: at least your day wasn’t as bad as Kiana’s.

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As far as property loss goes, I feel the worst for the people who had their fish tanks freeze. Watching all of your fish die knowing you can’t do anything about it would be awful. Then when you get heat again you’ll have this huge and slowly thawing ice block full of your dead fish to deal with.