At Least The 2019 Toyota Supra Will Sound Good

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The new 2019 Toyota Supra, which I’m not entirely convinced is a car that will actually go on sale before I collect Social Security benefits, has a turbocharged inline six—as it should be. And while there’s some head-scratching because it’s from BMW, like the rest of the car happens to be, I’m pleased to report it sounds good.


Speaking with Automotive News Europe, Toyota engineers said that putting an inline-six in the new Supra was “non-negotiable.” Part of what defines the Supra that we all know and love is that straight-six under the hood. Unfortunately, the availability of a manual transmission was “negotiable,” and so the A90 Supra will be automatic only.

We expect to finally see the full car at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show next month. It will probably be a bit longer before anyone drives the real thing that you can buy at your local dealer.

In the meantime, Toyota has released a video highlighting the acoustics of this new engine, which apparently has been specially tuned for the Supra and will sound a little different than the engine under the hood of the BMW Z4.

It’s not quite a 2JZ, but I say it has a nice balance of rumble and revs. It’s a little high pitched and a little muffled from the turbocharger, but the exhaust pops are nice.

If this thing is anywhere close to the tuner darling its older brother is, expect more bellowing exhaust notes and insane blow-off valve pops once it’s actually on sale.


Eddie Brannan

How many days you think it’ll be before the first 2JZ swap happens? I’d fire the intern at Hoonigan who hasn’t already got a crate motor and a direct line to Toyota’s PR people lined up.