At $9,500, Might This 1990 Toyota Supra Turbo Make You Forget About The New One?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Supra is said to be a two-owner car. Will its desirable specs make you want to be number three? Or, will its price scare you off?

Smaller! Newer! Less costly! More green! After a two-day onslaught of Kaiju, Wednesday’s tidy 1996 Audi A6 Avant Quattro proved to be a pleasant respite. That wagon’s smaller size was definitely a welcome sight, especially to those suffering from parkingspaceaphobia. Not only that, it’s seemingly reasonable $2,800 price made the seller’s assurance that it would be 100% reliable seem almost unnecessary. In the end it achieved a respectable 70-percent Nice Price win, which I think felt… oh, I don’t know, well apportioned?


Toyota has a fancy new sports car on the docket. It will be the new Supra in both name and intent, but about all we know about it at present is that it will share a whole lot of its underpants parts with a companion BMW model. We also know that paisley makes its ass look fat.

Much like the current Acura NSX, the new Supra seems a car that’s spent years on the cusp of debut. At some point in time, a lot of prospective buyers are going to get tired of waiting and likely will seek their Supra salacity by other means.

One of those might just be this 1990 Toyota Supra Turbo. It comes dressed in Burgundy Pearl paint and rocks a removable roof section above its beige leather seats. The ad claims it to be a 2-owner California car that is ‘unmolested.’ It’s also described as a ‘barn find,’ which is an odd descriptor as in the very same sentence the seller claims it was ‘garage kept.’ Maybe they are using the term ‘Barn’ loosely or perhaps as a metaphor.


Regardless, the Supra appears to be out in the sun now. It’s also out on both the Craigslist and the eBay where the 124,000 mile A70-series presents its kit as being all the good stuff.


Those include an R154 five-speed manual behind its 230-horsepower 2954-cc 7M-GTE inline six. Sharing space in the pointy prow is a new battery. That’s good too, right?

The ad claims the car comes with every option possible, and aside from some obvious wear on the steering wheel rim, all those parts appear to be in pretty decent shape. The leather, which typically looks like old man butt on cars of this age, seems eel smooth and and with only a burst seam on a back seat squab about which you might quibble. The dash, carpet and doors also look to have dodged father time, although their beige and brown color scheme might not prove to be to everyone’s taste.


On the outside, the paint appears perfectly serviceable and without issue. All the trim seems to be intact and everything—wipers, lights, etc.—is said to be in working order. In fact, the seller denotes the car’s overall condition as ‘excellent.”

That might be disputable as while it all seems headed to a happy ending, there are a couple of notable bumps in this road. The seller claims that the car was ‘adult senior owned its whole life,’ however that adult senior did seem to have a penchant for aftermarket wheels, air cleaners, and pedal covers. All of those are easy fixes if you’re a stickler for originality.


Less easy is any mechanical malady that may have manifested itself over the course of the car’s ‘barn time.’ How long was this Supra off the clock? How well was it maintained during that time? How old are those tires? Not to mention the coolant, belts and the brake fluid? The eBay ad does say ‘Will maintain vehicle,’ in the description, but that’s a pretty cryptic statement if I’ve ever heard one.


I guess those are all questions that need to be asked by a prospective buyer. First, that prospect will have to consider whether they are even worth asking, owing to the car’s $9,500 price. Let’s help this hypothetical buyer out. Do you think this Supra Turbo could be worth that $9,500 asking? Or, is that not so supra a price?

You decide!


eBay out of Oakland, CA, or go here if the ad disappears.

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