At $66,000, Is This 2010 Audi R8 4.2 Supercar A Super Good Deal?

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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Underneath today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe R8 lies a Lamborghini Gallardo upon which a thin veneer of German temperance has been laid over the underlying Italian bravado. It’s still pretty wild, but will its price turn out to be equally so?

Have you ever actually brought a knife to a gun fight? It really puts you at a disadvantage, right? A similar miscalculation in appurtenance may have been the seller’s motive behind yesterday’s 1995 Isuzu Rodeo. That assumption arises from the 2WD truck having been brought to New York from Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain but snow rarely gets four-feet deep on your driveway. It’s now in Buffalo, where snow is an issue. Hell, it may actually be snowing right at this very moment. Yes, the Rodeo did come with studded snow tires for its two turning wheels, but that might not have been enough for New York winters.


The $1,400 price tag certainly was enough however. That modest amount pretty much engendered a solid 71 percent Nice Price win even if you may need to wait until next spring to collect your booty.

Speaking of booty, how much of it do you think you could conquest with this 2010 Audi R8 4.2? After all, this car is pure sex on wheels. Just look at that double-scoop silver accent sliding down each side. Dig the aggressive strakes under each narrow headlamp like a gangbanger’s prison tear tattoos. It evokes both sexiness and a bit of danger.

The weird thing is, it comes from Audi which is a brand that generally doesn’t evoke images of steamy sex. No, Audis are more the image of the antiquing through the wine country with grandma, or the executive car park.


The R8 takes Audi’s racing heritage and translates it into crazy mid-engine sports car speak. It does so with a heap of help from Audi-subsidiary, Lamborghini. If you were to metaphorically lift up the R8’s skirt you’d find a lot of Lambo’s Gallardo hiding underneath. That’s not really that far off the farm for Audi since the Gallardo was developed with Audi input, Audi parts, and Audi sensibilities. Yes, the Gallardo is still crazy fun to drive, and crazy expensive to keep driving, but at least you can expect the A/C to provide better than marginal effort. That wasn’t always the case with Lamborghini’s outside-sourced bits and pieces.


The R8 on the other hand is a little more Audi all the way around, and that makes it more livable day to day. With the 4.2 V8, it’s very much like the old Acura NSK in that it presents one face during normal driving, and another, angrier face when you give it the beans. At all times it looks and feels pretty damn swank.

This one, in Daytona Grey with silver stripe over a charcoal interior, still meets those standards, nine years and 47,000 miles after its initial outing.


The car is powered by Audi’s 32-valve 4.2-litre all-alloy V8. That mill utilizes VAG’s stratified injection up top and a dry sump down low, each intended to keep it low but not slow.

As spec’d it produces 414 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque. In this car’s case, that’s been mated to a fairly rare for the model six-speed manual gearbox, and Audi’s iconic Quattro full-time AWD system.


Wrapped around that is a unit-body constructed out of aluminum and carbon fiber to keep the weight down. At just 3583 pounds, the V8 coupe is appreciably slim. Put all together, and depending on your skill level with the gated shifter, this R8 should be able to hit sixty from a standstill in a couple of ticks over four seconds. On the down side, its combined mileage is 16 MPG and that’s all drinking premium fuel.


The ad for this R8 is confusingly in both English and Italian, but being bilingual curious I was able to make heads or tails of the deets. Those are that the car comes with a clear title and, in what the seller describes as excellent condition. All four shock units were replaced last year when one of them was found to be leaking. I’d hate to be one of this Audi owner’s four kids and have one of my siblings require their appendix removed.


The car is said to have been checked over by an Audi guru and was given a clean bill of health aside from that shocking incident. Both body and interior look to be in as-new condition in the pics. The engine bay is additionally very tidy, something that’s pretty necessary considering that it lives under a glass roof. That means everyone in the grocery store parking lot will be judging you for how dusty you may have let the engine get. The only marring piece here is a K&N filters sticker that looks wholly out of place on the airbox even if there’s one of the company’s filters cleaning shit up underneath.


The original list price on this R8 was somewhere north of one hundred and twenty grand. The V10 car went for a good bit more, and these days costs more to maintain. This 4.2-powered car should prove a little more livable than that, albeit also less extreme. As such, it asks almost half its original price, a mere $66,000.

The question for you is whether or not that heavy depreciation has weighted down the car and its future value too. What do you think, is $66K a good deal for this R8 4.2 as it’s presented? Or, is this a supercar that still takes a super bank account to justify buying?


You decide!


Denver, CO Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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