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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Challenger is one of the cars that started the modern hella-horsepower wars. Let’s see if this one’s depreciated price means it’s now well worth going into battle.

Volvo’s venerable 200-series has a well-earned reputation for stoutness that is easily matched by its innocuous nature. Yesterday’s 1991 240 Wagon provided prima facie proof of that first attribute and showed how one could easily overcome the second.


That was all by way of an off-road rally prep and practice, the result of which was a laugh out loud fun set of wheels, and one that seemed almost ready for another rally. Unfortunately, it was that almost part of the deal that stuck in most people’s minds. Issues with the brakes, gearbox, and the fact that the exhaust pokes through the hood like a ground to air missile launcher made the car’s $1,900 price tag almost less than palatable. In the end, it managed another unexpected achievement with a narrow 54 percent Nice Price win.

So, as we all know that there are cat people and there are dog people. Of course, after that execrable and highly disturbing film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s CATS, the former group’s numbers may very well be dwindling.
How to get them back? How about by offering them up one of the highest horsepower production engines ever bolted into a car, and then naming it the Hellcat?

You all know the Hellcat, right? People at least know its 707 horses made by way of a 6.2-litre Hemi V8 sporting a twin-scroll blower down in the valley, the valley so low.


This 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat comes with that mill under its hood, and the desirable Tremec six-speed stick bolted up behind that. You unlock all of the engine’s ponies by way of a special red keyfob. A more standard black fob only allows 500 out of the corral.


The clean-title car comes in Sublime Green over black leather and suede seating surfaces and looks to be in almost as-new condition. I say almost because this car was obviously delivered before all the yahoos decided that keeping the plastic shipping protection on the front aero-aide was a thing to do. Thank goodness for that.


The car comes loaded with pretty much all the toys you could want, including a massive 8-inch display in the dash, keyless entry, tilt/telescope wheel and… who am I kidding, I had you at 707 horsepower.

What else is there when it comes to the Challenger and its hot mill? The chassis underneath all that is appreciably old school, going back to the days when Daimler owned Chrysler and hence Dodge. Hell, the Challenger was already 7-years in when this 2015 hit the streets. The model’s now the oldest of the three pony cars on the market and is unlikely to see a major refresh any time soon.


Of course, Dodge just keeps cramming more ponies inside it which seems a practice that keeps people happy. It doesn’t hurt that the Challenger’s retro-modern bodywork still looks quite fresh even today.


Obviously, this isn’t a car for the introverted. That electric Kermit paint job should be your first clue of that. The next would come after you fire the Hellcat engine up as these are just as much fun to hear as to dip a toe into.


All things must come to an end, however, and in the case of this Hellcat, it’s apparently time for ithis one to find a new owner. That’s after a mere 17,420 miles which means it could even be on its original set of consumables. The original MSRP on the base Challenger Hellcat in 2015 was $60,990. This car, with just over break-in miles showing on the odo, asks $46,995. That’s a substantial savings, and while you don’t get a warranty, you’re not likely to eat all that up in repairs unless there’s something fundamentally wrong with the car.

The question for you is whether that’s a deal any and all cat-lovers might want to grab. What do you think, is this 2015 Hellcat worth that $46,995 asking as presented? Or, does this cat’s price make it a total dog?


You decide!


Minneapolis, MN Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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