At $4,900, Will Buying This Better Half’s 1985 Mazda RX7 Guarantee Domestic Bliss?

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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The seller of today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe RX7 says it’s long belonged to his wife. They’re both now leaving the country and the car behind. Let’s see if its price is something you could get behind.

Should your Abe Lincoln cosplay be on point, then yesterday’s 1987 Honda Civic Wagovan could totally be your ride. Its high roof would provide plenty of room for your stovepipe hat, and its Real Time 4WD system would give you… well, I don’t know, did Abe ski?


Regardless, that funky Civic proved a winner for presidential portrayers and regular folk alike, and its $2,000 price tag earned it a solid 75-percent Nice Price victory as a result.


You know what might make for a good garage mate for yesterday’s Civic? Yep, today’s 1985 Mazda RX7, that’s what.

Not only are they of the same era, but they offer a yin and yang of automotive purpose. Of course as you might expect, it’s the Mazda sports car that brings the yin part.


The ad for this 98,000 mile Wankeler says that it’s a one-owner car, and that the one owner is the seller’s wife. I like that. Thirty three years is a long time to own a car and you might wonder why, after so long a time, they are attempting to shed so unique and faithful a steed.


The reason given in the ad is that the couple are moving overseas and apparently the Mazda can’t come along on the boat ride. Are they moving someplace that forbids cars? Maybe like Antarctica, or maybe London? Who knows. We’re just happy that, whatever the reason, it puts this sweet old RX7 in play.


And what a nice edition this seems. The Sunrise Red paint holds a decent shine and lacks any noticeable flaws. Beneath that is bodywork that appears free of rust or other boogers. Hell, it even seems to still have its gas door decal! The front bumper looks to be pulled away a bit on the passenger side, however that, and some paint fade on the wiper arms, are the only aesthetic issues immediately evident.

The interior also looks to be in excellent shape for its age. These cars have a rep for the fragility of interior pieces such as air vents and trim, but this one seems wholly intact. A single DIN aftermarket head unit tries to innocuously fill the space previously occupied by the factory double DIN unit, but fails at making it work. I’d see if a factory radio with its cool graphic equalizer could be procured on the Bay of Es.


The seller says the car runs well and comes with all maintenance records. It’s presently running AV plates but I don’t think those are universally offered. In some states this would just be an old car and held to the same inspection and emissions requirements as a ten year old KIA. Pfft, the nerve!


The mechanicals that are running so well are comprised of a 101 horsepower two-piston rotary backed up by a five-speed stick. Discs all the way around do stopping duties, while factory four spoke alloys mask those clampers.

The seller notes in his ad that ‘you don’t see this make/model on the road any more…’ and he’s right. In fact, you don’t see all that many ‘80s cars around very often these days. The fact that this represents a low-production number model just exacerbates the issue.


That’s okay though. We’re I think a few of us might like to see this particular car in our driveway. It’s a seemingly exceptionally clean edition, and one that doesn’t seem to need anything to enjoy. Well, it does demand $4,900 seeing as that’s the asking price.


What do you think about that $4,900 asking for this better half’s classic? Does that seem like a fair asking for a cool old RX7? Or, for asking that much, should these movers just stay put?

You decide!


Washington DC Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Ryan for the hookup!

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