At $25,000, Could This 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Make You Believe in EVO-lution?

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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Over the years, Mitsubishi’s EVO line of Lancers have traced a bell curve of hot to hard core and then back again. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe EVO may be on the downward slope of that, but could its price still throw you for a curve?

Well, well, well. It appears that few of you have any time at all for salvage title cars. Unlike @Samcrac over on the YouTube, who makes a hobby out of actually salvaging wrecked and written-off cars and trucks, most of you seem only interested in steering well clear of the final product.


That did not bode well for yesterday’s 2007 Dodge Magnum as it carried just such a scarlet letter on its title. That factor made for a lot of derision in the comments and ended in a 57 percent Crack Pipe loss for its modest, but seemingly not modest enough, $4,800 price tag.

Hey, quick question: what’s your favorite racing series? If you said anything out of the World Rally Championship organization—which I know that you did—then we have much to discuss.

The WRC’s rules have long required for certain series that racers be based on production cars and that has resulted in the handful homologation of some of the world’s most iconic and lust-worthy road cars. Thanks to the WRC and their book full of golden rules we have cars like the Lancia Stratos, 037 and HF Integrale. Without the rally rulebook Ford would likely not have given us the mind warping performance of the RS200 Nor Audi the Ur Quattro.

One of the last of the WRC-inspired cars available on the market was the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, a model offered by the small Japanese manufacturer across ten generations from 1992 through 2015. Today we have an example of that last generation, a 2015 EVO X and we’re going to decide if it lives up to its legend and, more importantly, to its price tag.


Now, Mitsubishi must have decided that X marks the spot since they stopped making EVOs after this tenth model. It was in fact the last performance-oriented car the company offered in the U.S. market at all. Once a purveyor of all kinds of fun and interesting cars and trucks, Mitsubishi mow makes… well, who the hell knows or even cares?


This however, was an interesting car. Just look at the specs. Sitting side-saddle under the hood is a 2-litre 4B11T four. The factory says that the DOHC all-alloy engine pumps out a factory-rated 291 horsepower, but in the real world it’s likely a little more.


In this GSR’s case, those ponies are fed through a five-speed manual and ‘Super All Wheel Control’ full-time AWD system that applies the car’s 300 lb-ft of torque to whichever axle needs it. It should be noted that the EVO X is a bit less radical than its immediate predecessors. The suspension is a little softer, the bodywork a little tamer. It’s still a pretty compelling package and one that comes with some decent heritage.

This one also comes in white on black and supposedly with the SSS package. That’s ‘Sight, Spoiler, and Sound’ to you and me and is comprised of the big wing in back, HID lamps up front, and a fancy stereo in between.


The car is appreciably stock, although the seller notes that the Recaros in the front row are out of a ’14 model as those were not an option on the ‘15s. He says the airbags have been wired in, which is a good thing. Not so good is the upholstery on those adopted Recaros which looks grungy as hell. Also of note, the A-pillar on the driver’s side is pulling away from the headliner. Perhaps a couple of new clips are needed there.


Exterior aesthetic issues include the alloy wheels, or at least the one we see since it’s been fuglied up by a curb. A cracked fog lamp lens and a stone chip ion the hood round out the list of demerits.


On the plus side, the rest of the car looks to be in pretty nice shape. The paint looks serviceable and the Michelin tires are said to be at their half-way point. The car is claimed to ‘run great and pull hard under acceleration.’ Mechanically it seems pretty stock as well, with just an ECU flash as notable modification. The seller claims this was done to account for ‘California gas,’ which I think was also a Herb Alpert album.

There’s a mere 36,000 miles reported on the odo, and the car comes with a clean title (yay!) And yes, the seller does blank the license plate in one pic and not in all the others. I won’t hold that against him.


We might however, hold issue with the car’s $25,000 asking price. That’s not far off its original, but then remember, Mitsubishi doesn’t make these any more, nor are they ever likely to ever do so again. Sad, but still a good enough reason to grab onto what the seller says is an unmolested example. What do you say, could this EVO be worth that $25,000 price tag? Or, is that just too much dough to go EVO?


You decide!


San Francisco Bay Area Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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