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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe C/K might be old, but its kit and condition mean it’s still got it going on. Let’s see if its price will also make it worth going out and getting.

Ford’s Taurus has been described as the car that saved Ford. Hell, there’s even a book by that title. That may be hyperbole, but there is a kernel of truth to it. Not only that, the Taurus wasn’t even the first car to save Ford. Years earlier, the 1949 Ford brought the company back from the brink of financial ruin, a situation even more dire than the one it faced in the ‘80s.


That car was the first new product to be released under the guidance of Henry Ford’s grandson, Henry the Second. At just 28, Henry II was installed as the company’s president at the behest of his mother Eleanor Ford taking control from his wildly senile grandfather. Henry II would steer the company back to profitability. He would eventually live to see the Taurus also save Ford, but long enough to see the car’s fall from relevancy.

Yesterday’s 1999 Ford Taurus SHO was an example of that fall, albeit one of the best ways to take the trip down. That example sported remarkably low miles, almost showroom clean appearance, and a V8 engine the construction of which was a confab of some of the greatest names in engine construction—Cosworth, Yamaha, and yes, Ford.

That wasn’t enough however to overcome a $15,800 asking price. Many of you took issue with that engine’s seemingly meager 235 horsepower output, while others couldn’t get past the car’s fish-like appearance. In the end, it went down in a monumental 92 percent Crack Pipe loss.


There have been epic rivalries across the ages—the Greeks vs. Trojans, VHS vs. Beta, Trump vs. everybody, are just a few examples. Perhaps the greatest rivalry of them all has been Ford vs. Chevy. That battle has been fought mostly in dealer showrooms and via dueling Peeing Calvin decals. The most common weapon of choice? The pickup truck.

Up until 1982, Chevy and Ford duked it out pretty evenly, with Chevy generally getting the edge. After that however, Ford took the crown and truck buyers ensured that they kept it. GM sells more trucks in total than Ford, with both Chevy and GMC thrown in together, but for single marque sales, Ford is the king.


This 1976 Chevy Silverado shows what Chevy had in its arsenal to do battle back in the day. The third generation of C/K truck debuted in 1972 and was the first to take things like aerodynamics and fuel economy into serious consideration. This one is less interested in fuel economy as it rocks the 400 CID V8, M49 3-speed automatic, and NP203 two-speed transfer case enabling 4WD. Unless you dream exclusively in Priuses that’s all pretty good.


Sitting atop those serious mechanicals is a short bed fleetside body with standard cab. Trim is top of the heap Silverado, so it’s pretty fancy for an old truck. That trim level gives you brushed metal side trim, faux wood on the dash, full carpet and door panels, the complete gauge package, and a sassy band at the back of the cab above the bed.


This black over red edition comes with just 79K on the clock. The seller says that it was only ever used for fishing excursions or to tool around town on visits. It comes with a few dings and scratches here and there, per the ad, but does present well in the pictures.

New parts installed within the last 5K include the Warn manual hubs up front, a heater core and hoses, brake lines, calipers and pads, and thermostat. More recently, the A/C has been rebuilt and the radiator replaced. The seller says the engine runs as it should with no issues. He claims that the 400 can be modded just like any SBC, but be forewarned, these engines have siamesed cylinders and require specific heads and gaskets lest the engines fail. Tread carefully here.


The bodywork looks to be clean and the seller says there’s no rust at all on body or frame. A bed net fills the backend, however the original, and apparently dented, tailgate does come with the truck. The roof of the cab has been resprayed, and the plastic bedliner hides some scuffing in back. Still, it’s a pickup, what do you expect? It should show some evidence of having done an honest day’s work.


It would take you a few honest days work to purchase this cool old truck. The asking price is $16,995 and before you jump up, point accusatorially at your screen and shout “I could buy a much more modern Chevy truck for that much!” let’s just all agree that yes, yes you could.


We’re more interested in this old truck. It’s got a gravitas that only comes with age and it seems to in the kind of shape that’s turnkey. The question is, is turning that key worth its $16,995 asking?

You decide!


Bozeman, MT Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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