Screencap via Petrolicious
Screencap via Petrolicious

Only four Aston Martin DB4 GT Lightweights are known to exist in “build sheet” spec for racing against Ferrari 250GT SWBs on European racing circuits. Fortunately, the one ordered by aviation pioneer Thomas Sopwith is still around to burble and roar for the cameras in Petrolicious’ latest video. Enjoy!

The DB4 GT, which debuted in fall 1959, is considered to be a bridge between the design of the regular DB4 and the DB5 made famous in the early James Bond films, according to Petrolicious. Its wheelbase was shortened, and it featured a lightweight aluminum body and no rear seats. It received a higher-output engine than the standard DB4 as well good for 302 hp.


Only 75 DB4 GTs were ever made, with 19 of those going on to be further modified by Zagato. This one is owned today by Paul Michaels of Hexagon Classics, who drives the car in the video and is an incredibly lucky guy.

Fun tidbit: the “DB” in all the Aston Martin names comes from postwar company owner and managing director David Brown, whose name is on the DB4 GT’s badge. Cue that old “the more you know” PSA bumper.

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