Aston Martin Isn't Changing Its Winged Logo; We Can All Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

Photo credit: Aston Martin via Newspress
Photo credit: Aston Martin via Newspress

Discard those angry email drafts, and put the torches and pitchforks back in the shed. Aston Martin is not—I repeat, not—changing their iconic logo, per Aston Martin president and CEO Andy Palmer himself. Our circular nightmare is over, guys. We’re finally home safe.


Andy Palmer put the rumors of a wings-pocalypse to rest this morning with a tweet, clarifying that the circular logo is just for merchandising—no more, no less. The wings will be staying on the car.

In case you missed it, AutoGuide claimed to have unearthed a new logo for the most British of all British supercar brands, and it looked a little too much like Maybach’s circular logo got jiggy with Manor Racing’s Whataburger-style design.

I didn’t hate it, but Aston Martins have wings. They just do. This would be akin to Gulf Racing swapping its iconic blue and orange for pink and green. No, fools, you are blue and orange!

The logo scoop was three days ago—three long, and agonizing days spent wondering whether a brand (our beloved brand!) had forsaken fans everywhere.


If you couldn’t sleep over the whims of a brand’s branding, you may now rest soundly, my good, strange, brand-obsessed friend.

However, there was good reason to doubt the report. Aston Martin knows they’re the brand that laid claims to wings before Red Bull even existed (and don’t you forget it), as they created country-specific wings for every race on the World Endurance Championship calendar last year, and sold 250 sets of the special wings for $4,671 each.


People are willing to drop major coin on Aston’s iconic wings, and let’s be honest: that’s what really matters to a brand.

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This brings up a good point. Is AM the one car manufacturer that is universally loved? People fight all day about BMW v. Merc, Ferrari being jerks, Koniseegggeeegggee v. Pagani, hating rotary Mazdas, etc. but I can’t hardly recal a single comment where anything worse than making fun of the lipstick was said about AM.