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We know the future of Aston Martin lies with torque-tacular Mercedes-AMG V8 engines, but what platform will those cars use? Their own, the company said recently, announcing that they're working on an all-new architecture to underpin future sports cars.

Since the early 2000s, all Aston Martins — save for oddballs like the One-77 and Cygnet — have used the VH architecture. It gets the job done, but it's getting old. As the company moves fully into its post-Ford era, they need a new platform, and so they're making one, CFO Hanno Kimer said recently:

"We are engineering a completely new architecture and technologies to ensure that our next generation of sports cars is at the forefront of design, performance and technology. The strategic partnership with Daimler AG will bring with it cutting edge electrical and electronic expertise, and the shared development of world-class bespoke V8 powertrains."


They don't go into any real detail about what this new platform will be like exactly, but Britain's Auto Express speculates it will use liberal amounts of aluminum to save weight, not unlike what Land Rover and Jaguar have been doing these days.

They also say the next-generation DB9, due out in 2016, will likely be the first car to use this new platform and a turbocharged V8 engine, gearbox and electrics from AMG.

I just hope some V12 engines are in the cards somewhere too.

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