Aston Martin has updated its insane V12 Valkyrie hypercar design with some new interior details and some body modification to make it even more aerodynamically efficient while adding even more downforce, and apparently the company isn’t even finished making changes.

The car has always seemed nearly impossible, and some of the new additions, which confirm some earlier reports, make it even more unbelievable.

Starting with the bodywork, Aston has increased downforce and boosted the aerodynamic profile of the car, most notably with new holes just ahead of the doors. Looking at images of the new car and the old car, it appears that Aston has added new holes that cut into the front fenders, with a similar look as the new fender vent design introduced on the new DB11. The wheels have also been swapped for a more aerodynamic, smooth design.


Another critical update to the styling of the Valkyrie are the headlights, which Aston claims are around 30 to 40 percent lighter than any other light in its lineup. The look the lights add is interesting, but then again, nothing on this car looks traditional or normal—and nothing should.

Notably missing from the exterior of the car are door mirrors, instead replaced with a camera system that feeds a live image to what I’m assuming are the two monitors located on the left and right of the windshield inside. Images of the dashboard make the screens look a little obstructing, but it’s difficult to tell just from pictures.


Also missing is a rear-view mirror, due to the Formula One style driver and passenger seating, the cell design of bodywork, and the roof-mounted air intake that runs down where the rear window would normally be. So there’s also no rear window.

The steering wheel is removable to make it easier for the driver to climb in and out, and most driving functions are all located somewhere on the wheel with driver information displayed on a screen located in the center of the wheel. I guess you won’t be needing an airbag. The only other feature of the dashboard is a third, centered main screen.

Aston claims it’s about 95 percent of the way to a finalized design for the Valkyrie, with the possibility for a few more non-critical body modifications between now and the first run of prototypes. Even at this incomplete state, the Valkyrie is clearly going to be the most insane production car in decades, and maybe even forever.

It’s damn sure closer to a F1 car for the street than Ferrari ever got. It’s about as close as you can get.