Aston Martin DBS 59 Pays Tribute to 1995 Infiniti I30

All Photos Credit: Aston Martin

Today we welcome the new special edition Aston Martin DBS 59. With production limited of 24 examples, the car comes with classic forest green paint, gold badging and... wait, where have I seen this before? Oh right, my friend’s dad’s mid-’90s Infiniti i30 with a bike rack on the back.


Not only has Aston Martin nailed the paint color of such timeless luxury cars like the i30 and the first-generation Lexus GS, it even got the badging right. Dip that shit in gold, my friend. It’s the only way to go. (Aston Martin claims this is bronze, but I know what it was going for.)

The DBS 59 does not have any direct performance gains of the DBS Superleggera on which it is based, but it doesn’t really need it. A good 715 horsepower and a 211 mph top speed is more than enough to keep up with even the best-kept Acura Vigor.


The DBS 59 it does get special interior trim, including “bespoke Saddle Leather Helmet Pods in the rear compartment to hold special ‘DBS 59’ crash helmets, race suits and gloves, and a bespoke ‘DBS 59’ logo embroidered in the seat headrests.”


Aston’s press release also mentions the green 1959 DBR1 that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Carroll Shelby at the wheel in overalls, but I can’t seem to figure out why.

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