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​Aston Martin Considering Selling Electric Rapide In Two To Three Years

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Aston Martin needs to do something to get its emissions in check and keep its glorious V12s alive, so it’s launched a research project for an electric version of the Rapide and it’s looking to Silicon Valley for partnerships.

Aston CEO Andy Palmer told the Wall Street Journal that the electric sedan could arrive in as little as two to three years, and that the company is “looking at technologies around the world, including some pretty cool technologies coming from Silicon Valley.” However, tapping Tesla isn’t in the cards.


The motivation behind the electric Rapide is two-fold. First, Aston wants to offer something that’s more luxurious than the current string of EVs on the market. And secondly, it needs to play nice with CAFE regulations.

“I really hope we can keep the V12 alive forever,” Palmer told Bloomberg. “To do that you need something low emissions and there’s nothing lower emissions than an electric car.”


Palmer thinks offering an EV is better than the current trend of downsizing engines, or, y’know, something even worse.

According to sources speaking with Jalopnik, Aston has some initial packaging studies in the works and they’re already showing promise. The next step is to see if it can actually make a business case.

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