Aston Martin Confirms V8 Cygnet With Their Denial

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Yesterday, we received a tip from a reader named Dan that Aston Martin was planning to shoehorn their big V8 from the Vantage into their Toyota/Scion iQ-rebranded and upgraded city car, the Cygnet. I was very excited by this news. So excited that I did some quick speculative drawings of what such an insane pocket-beast might look like. Only after I got nice and worked up did we contact Aston Martin.


And, based on the clarity and decisiveness of their denial, I can only conclude that this rumor is 100% true.

I know the Cygnet is somewhat controversial to Aston purists, but it helps get those fleet CO2 numbers down so Aston can keep building their Vanquishes, and, honestly, I like it. I've always been taken with the idea of a really high-end city car. The smaller and more luxurious the better, and the Cygnet does this perversely well. So, the idea of a really high-performance city car is even better.

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This idea has some good history, too. Look at the Ford Festiva/Ford Shogun concept, or the Renault R5 (LeCar)/Renault 5 Turbo cars. Both were very low-end cars with big-ass engines crammed in behind the driver. A V8 Cygnet would be a great modern interpretation of this bonkers idea.

When we approached Aston Martin with the rumor, this is what their spokesperson, Matthew Clarke, said:

Nothing to see here I'm afraid. As far as rumours go it's a good one though.
Worth reiterating that there's no plan to bring Cygnet to the US.

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That sounds like a yes to me! Why else would you come right out and say no— and then remind everyone that you've said no to even bringing the Cygnet to the US— if you weren't planning on bringing a bonkers V8 Cygnet to the US? I can read between the lines, Matthew. No V8 Cygnets, no Cygnets in the US. Gotcha (Wink, wink, nudge nudge).


When we showed Mr.Clarke my drawings, this is what he said:

"Nice. Needs more bonnet vents."

So I doubled the bonnet vents, making this sketch officially done in consultation with Aston Martin. Which pretty much means this is how it'll look when the test V8 Cygnet they're going to ship right to my house arrives. I think I want mine in black, please, Mr.Clarke.


Hey, they could call it the "Black Swan." That's pretty tough, right, in that crazy lesbian ballerina sort of way?

Man, I'm excited; this thing's going to be a blast.


Uh... Torch, I think that he said what he did to emphasize the fact that there are no plans to do anything more with the Cygnet then they already have at this point.

I'm not sure that that equates to a confirmation of stuffing a 4.7-liter V8 up a Cygnet's ass. The poor thing would never drive straight again after that. If you want a performance city car, there's always the Mini Cooper S and the Fiat 500 Abarth.