Assholes Clap For Child Kicked Off Flight For Having An Allergic Reaction

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If you’ve happened to have a good day and want to end it on a high note, too fucking bad. It turns out people are horrible, proven by the gang of assholes on a Washington flight who clapped when a child was deboarded for having an allergic reaction which delayed their flight.

According to, Parents Christina Fabian and George Alvarado were taking their son, Giovanni, on a special trip when their plans were thwarted after Giovanni had an allergic reaction while boarding the flight.


The special trip was a vacation intended to keep Giovanni’s mind off of his father George battling stage 4 throat cancer.

When the parents reached out to the flight attendant about the emergency, ultimately delaying the flight, and explained their son’s dog allergy, the attendant smirked and remarked that there were dogs on every flight, and that they would need to get off the plane.


As the family gathered their things, frustrated passengers began to sarcastically clap while the family was helped off of the plane. I don’t care what kind of fucking day you had, how long you’ve been at the airport, or whatever bullshit you’re currently juggling. Shit happens, it will be alright. If you don’t know the situation, patiently keep your moronic impatient ass in the seat, hands to themselves.

Giovanni, who recovered from his reaction, was saddened by the people clapping for his removal, saying, “People who don’t have sadness, they don’t understand.”


No, Giovanni. Those people are full of sadness, and they act out in ridiculous fashion to conceal their own weakness. The sort of person that claps at a child’s allergic reaction is the sort that doesn’t enjoy life, and is frustrated by every moment of their miserable days, ultimately torturing themselves. That is what’s truly saddening. But these people refuse to be helped, and it’s brave of someone in Giovanni’s position to be so aware and brave in the face of disgusting human ignorance at such a young age.

The family’s trip was initially intended to provide happy memories for a son and his terminally ill father, but ended in such a miserable fashion. “I am sad that this has to be a memory with my dad,” Giovanni said.


The family tried to spin the trip into a positive memory by taking a sightseeing tour and catching a later flight.

I’m going to leave this with the final lines of KCENTVs article as a message of what humility and humanity are all about:

“As a dad I was just hopeless right there. I just looked at the people clapping. I was just shaking my head, I was like man lets get out of here.”

“You don’t know how much time people have or why they are hurting. Just be nice. Be kind,” said Alvarado.

A cancer patient’s call for courtesy is the message he leaves behind as the family prepares to head home.


Please remember, patience is the easiest act of kindness.

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