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Asking A Forum Fan-Boy For Car Buying Advice Is Useless

By their nature, car forums attract only enthusiasts eager to discuss their preferred vehicle or type of performance, making them useless to appliance-car buyers. This weird video shows what happens when those appliance-car shoppers ask forumites for buying advice.

Click to viewNow you know what you sound like when Aunt Millie asks you what car she should get for herself and her cat Marmalade.


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Appliance car buyers all seem to read Consumer Reports, I don't think most could find an enthusiast forum.

"You know a lot about cars" is just about as bad to hear as "You know about computers" because you know the next thing is going to be a question you can't easily answer. If you try their eyes soon glaze over anyway.

Like I know what someone like that would enjoy. I'd sooner pull my own teeth without anesthetic than give these people advice.

Get a long warranty, that's about all I'll tell them. It's all about feeling safe for most of them. Half gutted Corvette doesn't seem to work for them.