Ask The Lead Dieselgate Plaintiffs' Lawyer Anything About Volkswagen's Settlement Right Now

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Today you all get a chance to ask Elizabeth Cabraser, the lawyer heading up the biggest class action settlement in U.S. history—Dieselgate—anything you like. Ready, set, go!

In January of 2016, Judge Charles Breyer appointed Elizabeth Cabraser as the lead counsel for the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee on all Dieselgate-related litigation. Representing the interests of hundreds of thousands of affected VW TDI owners, Cabraser’s job has been to make sure settlement terms are fair, that they compensate owners and dealership appropriately, and that the terms ensure just environmental remediation.

Most VW owners have been content with the 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter settlement terms, though there has been quite a bit of drama as well. Entire parking lots are now filled with thousands of rotting Volkswagens, people have been stripping their cars before returning them to dealers, others have been hoarding VWs to make a profit, and plenty have struggled with the claims process.


While Elizabeth probably won’t be able to answer detailed personal questions related to claims, she and her team will be here with us for an hour to talk with you about her experience working on the biggest consumer settlement in auto history. Ask away!