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Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufmann star on Fast N' Loud, which is an inside look at the Gas Monkey Garage and their insane creations. These are the guys that made the Ferrari F40 of your dreams, or nightmares, depending on your personal tastes. And now they're here to answer your questions.

Basically, the guys travel the country looking for barn finds and cars to flip quickly or modify outrageously. Once again, I point you to the Ferrari F40 that they crazily modified. They wanted to chop the wing off.


Blasphemy, I say.

Of course, the garage is more than just the F40, with tons of cool creations, both American muscle and foreign, coming out of the shop.

They guys are back on Discovery on September 2nd, and right now they're here to answer any/all of your questions. Fire away for the next hour!

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