Ask Nitro Circus 3D Stars Travis Pastrana And Jolene Van Vugt Anything You Want About Living Dangerously

What's it like to face possible death and frequent injury? We'll get some insight into that when Nitro Circus 3D: The Movie premieres this week, but in the meantime we have broken bone enthusiasts Travis Pastrana and Jolene Van Vugt for the next hour, live, in Kinja answering your questions about anything.

Seriously, ask whatever you want. They jumped a school bus with seven people inside 167 feet. Your questions don't scare them.


Travis Pastrana's tag page lays out why we all admire the hell out of this guy while we, simultaneously, feel ok with not being him. He's injured parts of his body we didn't even know he had.

He drives a Dart in RallyCross, a bike in Gymkhana videos, a Camry in NASCAR, and whatever he wants in his backyard.

Did we mention he's scary good at "Big Buck Hunter" as well?


Don't let the Canadian thing fool you, Jolene Van Vugt may have the face of an angel but she's got the heart of a daredevil. Van Vugt got her start in Motocross, winning numerous championships along the way. She also earned multiple Guinness World Records, including becoming the first woman to backflip a dirtbike.

You think you're tough? We promise you, she's tougher.


Both will appear in Nitro Circus 3D: The Movie, premiering tomorrow night in select cities and everywhere August 8th. From the trailer, it's clear the Nitro Circus plans to outflank the Jackass crew by scaring the shit out of you, instead of just playing around in it.

Ask them whatever you want from 4:30 PM EST to 5:30 PM EST in the comments.

UPDATE: Big thanks to Travis and Jolene for answering our questions. Go see the movie this week.

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