Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Nissan-Renault, is on Reddit right now answering your questions. It's about autonomous vehicles, but he implores you to ask him anything.

Here are some questions you could potentially ask Carlos:

-What's the deal with the IDx? You gonna build it or what, you turkeys?

-What brand of toothpaste do you prefer?

-Is my wife cheating on me?

-You're a manga star now. Have you met Astro Boy in real life? Is he cool? I heard he's a dick.


-Is my wife cheating on me with you?

-What's the deal with the Q50 Eau Rouge? You gonna build it or what, you turkeys?

So many questions you could ask Carlos. Get over there and ask him.

UPDATE: After this AMA ended, it was dogged by allegations of "astroturfing" — fake questions from PR people — by a number of Redditors. They say too many of the question-askers were new accounts.


But one of the moderators has since responded by saying that new accounts aren't shill accounts, and many of the subreddit comments have been deleted.

Real or fake? As odd and corporate-sounding as a few of the questions were, I can't find any evidence they were actually planted by PR folks.