Ask Me Anything About The Big-Grilled 2020 BMW 750i

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Photo: Mack Hogan
Photo: Mack Hogan

The BMW 750i received a slew of updates for 2020, with new technology throughout and updated styling both inside and out. All of that, though, has been overshadowed by the arrival of The Grille. Like the X7, BMW’s flagship sedan now carries a massive schnoz.

But you know that. I’m hoping to answer some questions that you have about the car that aren’t readily apparent in pictures since I’m driving one for the week.


For your reference, this is a 750i in Bernina Grey Amber Affect paint over Cognac Nappa Lether. On top of standard equipment like gesture control, my tester has the Autobahn Package, Driver Assistance Pro Package, Luxury REar Seating Package, Executive Package, laser lights, rear-seat entertainment system, upgraded wheels and the Bowers & Wilkins stereo system

If you want to know about gesture control, “Hey BMW,” SkyLounge or any other crazy tech feature that people demand when a luxury car costs $126,145, drop questions in the comments below. I’ll answer as many interesting ones as I can!