Ask Former Stig And James Bond Stunt Driver Anything You Want

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Ben Collins is famous for being a successful race car driver, author, and Hollywood stunt driver, but you probably know him best as The Stig from Top Gear. Now that the helmet's off he can answer all your questions about being the world's most infamous wheelman and driving for James Bond in the movies.


Most of us would be happy to live a live where we race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, win a Formula Three Race, and double for James Bond and Batman on the big screen. Alas, Ben Collins is probably most famous for the work he didn't get to take credit for: The Stig.

Yes, the Bristol, England native was the "tame racing driver." As The Stig, Collins got to pilot some of the world's greatest cars and teach Lionel Richie how to drive.

He was the most famous hotshoe in the entire world but no one knew but him and a handful of people until being outed by The Daily Telegraph in 2009.

Since then he's gone on to have all sorts of fun adventures, including hooning a Hennessey Camaro and writing a tell-all book.


He's been kind enough to take a break from living out all of our fantasies to answer your questions starting at 2:00 PM EST.


UPDATE: Thanks to Ben and thanks to everyone for your questions! He's off to an important dinner meeting but sends his best.

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Patrick George

Hi Ben, thanks for joining us. Got an obvious question here but one I want to ask anyway: What car impressed you the most when you put it around the Top Gear track? Do you have a least favorite as well?