Ask Cadillac's Chief Marketing Officer Anything You Want

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This is a big year for Cadillac. General Motors’ luxury division will fire its most fully-formed shot at the big German sedans yet in the form of the CT6, and it replaces its aging but top-selling SRX with the XT5 as Americans go apeshit for crossovers.


This is Uwe Ellinghaus, the man attempting to get the word out to the masses about what the brand’s up to. Know your enemy, I suppose; Ellinghaus is a veteran of the BMW Group, and was their chief marketing officer responsible for BMW’s brand strategy and marketing services for MINI and Rolls-Royce.

I had to bump this post back from 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (a scheduling error on my part that came at what I hope is the end of a very long day!) but Uwe is around right now. Ask him whatever you want.

Update: Uwe had to split, but he’ll be back to do this again soon, hopefully. Thanks for your questions.

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Justin T. Westbrook

Hello Mr. Ellinghaus!

A question from a marketing major / Jalopnik editor:

As Chief Marketing Officer for Cadillac, how “in the know” are you when it comes to products in development, and do you have any say in the design of vehicles early in the design and development process?

Or is it more of a “take what you get” role—which, luckily for you and us, has been some very good designs recently?

Thanks for chatting with us!