Ask Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen Anything

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The leadership at most automakers tend to be quiet, shrinking violets. Only occasionally do you get one that makes their multitude of opinions public information. Thankfully, Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen is not the quiet type. At all. And he's here for the next hour to answer your questions. This will be fun.


For those that don't know, de Nysschen became the President of Cadillac just last year after a short stint running Infiniti and nearly a decade at the helm of Audi of America.

He probably gained a lot of notoriety while at Infiniti for the Q-based naming scheme, his excitement for the Q50 Eau Rouge, his reasoning for rebadging the Juke Nismo RS as the Infiniti ESQ for China, and for lofty sales goals.

He left Infiniti rather abruptly, and immediately landed at Cadillac. And he hasn't quieted down since he got there. There is a new product offensive coming (as we saw with the surprise reveal of the CT6 last night), a new naming scheme, a move to New York, and many more changes on the way.

What do you want to know about the future of Cadillac or about Johan? Now is the time to ask.


Johan had to run, but thanks for all the great questions! That was fun.


Tom McParland

How much of Cadillac's sales struggle do you attribute to the dealership experience? Is recruiting and retaining quality dealers a problem for the brand? I've dealt with numerous luxury car dealers throughout the country. The German brands seem to be fairly consistent in their sales philosophy. They are knowledgeable, professional and few of them play games or jerk people around. They have, for the most part, a low-pressure sales environment. The Cadillac dealers on the other hand have been a mixed bag. Some are very good, but others seemed no different in their approach and experience than a buyer would get a Chevy or Ford store.