As should have been clear to anyone who paid attention (though not everyone did), the Alex Roy cross-country story yesterday was a hoax. But a hoax trying to make a point. Go read the retraction on TTAC.


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was still a sick burn on Doug DeMuro

Why didn’t you invite Doug DeMuro?“We would have, but he misspelled Cannonball Baker’s first name in his Jalopnik piece about Bolian. It’s Erwin Baker, not Edwin. He claimed Baker’s 53:30 time went unbeaten for 40 years. It was broken in 1971, which is actually 38 years. After Yates/Gurney set the 1971 record of 35:54, Demuro says “the record was slowly whittled down over the next decade.” The last Cannonball was in 1979, which is eight years. This type of story requires attention to detail. My teammates expect it of me. I expect it of them. My thoughts on Demuro? To quote Christian Bale when he was yelling at the guy on the set of Terminator Salvation…’you’re a nice guy, you’re a nice guy, but that don’t fucking cut it when you’re fucking around!’ Use Google, meine bisschen.”