Arsonists Keep Torching This 'Rich Kid Of Instagram's' Exotic Cars

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You may think being a Rich Kid of Instagram is an easy life, but it's not! Sure, sometimes you get to drive crazy exotic cars, but then people set them on fire when you aren't looking. Rich people have problems, too!

At least, that's the problem that English teen Aleem Iqbal is having lately. The UK's Telegraph reports that Iqbal, who goes by "Lord Aleem" on Twitter and Instagram, has been the victim of vehicular arson four times in one week. The attacks have resulted in losses of nearly $850,000, the newspaper reports.

The burned cars belonged to Iqbal's father, who runs a luxury car for hire firm. Iqbal is an employee there, which does not sound like a bad job at all. He often shows them off on his various social media accounts.


But on June 6, he rented a Lamborghini Aventador for a wedding, but it was torched outside of a house in Bedfordshire. Three hooded men showed up in a Mercedes and set the car on fire. The incident was caught on CCTV cameras.

Then a week later, three more cars — two Audi R8s and a Bentley Flying Spur — were burned again by two men whose actions were once again captured by a video camera.

Needless to say, Aleem was pretty freaked out by the crimes, which will take a huge chunk out of his family's livelihood. From the story:

Mr Iqbal, who regularly posts updates about his life on Twitter and Facebook, said: "I'm not really in a great state of mind at the moment, I've had half a million pounds worth of cars destroyed in the last few days.

"I'm not sure if it's an attack on my family because they would have come directly after me or my family if that was the case. However, I do believe it could be a vile act of jealously towards my business or it could just be mindless vandals on an arson spree. Either way, one thing is for sure they will be caught and when they do I suggest you sit back and enjoy the show because they will be going down for a long time."


He might be right about that last part. A police investigation is currently underway.

Now, I know what you're thinking here, because it was mentioned on Twitter and it seems like a possibility: insurance scam? But we have no evidence to believe that's the case at the moment, so it's not fair to jump to conclusions.


Besides, if someone was going to burn their own cars for cash, you'd think they would be more careful than to have the deed caught on camera.

Either way, arson sucks, especially exotic car arson. I hope Lord Aleem can go at least a few weeks without his cars catching on fire, except in the normal way exotic cars sometimes do that.

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Rich kids that choose to incur problems by flaunting that which they did not earn do indeed have problems. Arson is a big deal, and destroying someone's car isn't cool. But come on, what did you think was going to happen? Common sense, kid. Buy some.