With 130 or so cars on the track, we can expect a busy day for the LeMons Supreme Court. Here's a gallery from yesterday's BS Inspection to tide you over until I can do updates.

Anna, of Bikini Racer fame, poses here with the replacement for last season's Camaro: a really horrible first-gen Mazda RX-7. She can run 11s in a Toyota at the drag strip, so what's to stop her from owning a road course in a Mazda? Well, perhaps the squabbling boys on her team; she refers to their constant bickering as the "Mangina Monologues," and that became the name of the new Bikini Racer team.


Then a bunch of dudes who work at the Hennessey Performance Tuner School- yes, that Hennessey- showed up with this Merkur XR4Ti and its spotless engine built from stuff they "had lying around the shop." Yes, we like Merkurs, but we couldn't let this monster slip past with zero BS laps. I believe we gave them 69 laps.<br.

The animated Michael-Jackson-dangling-the-baby rig on the Unintended Acceleration Miata was pretty good, but why a Miata? Penalty laps for this team for not bringing a second Audi!


A couple of BMW E36s with great big engines showed up, but their teams' dreams of penalty-free inspections didn't come true. Come on, guys, what's wrong with the E12?

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