Arizona Woman Wakes Up To Find The Person Who Slashed Her Tires Left Their Literal Fingertip Behind

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Photo: JOCHEN LUEBKE/DDP/AFP (Getty Images)

They say crime doesn’t pay, but it certainly didn’t for the person who slashed one Maricopa, Arizona woman’s tires and left their severed fingertip behind.

“I literally have been laughing all day because if I don’t, I might cry,” Francesca Wikoff told local news channel KCTV5. “It’s pretty comical. You would think that if you’re gonna go to the hospital, especially if you just severed your finger off, that you would take said finger with you.”

Wikioff, whose family owns the truck, is an EMT and volunteer firefighter, so a severed finger isn’t too shocking in and of itself. But it’s not the kind of thing that you’re exactly expecting to see when you head out to grab your morning paper.


The main suspect right now is her neighbor, with whom Wikoff argued earlier in the week. That neighbor, drunk, followed Wikoff and her husband to a different neighbor’s get-together and was asked to leave for being belligerent. The tire slashing was likely his form of retaliation—although it went about as well for him as did his attempt to show up at the neighbor’s party.

She thinks he tried to slash the tires at about 10:30pm and somehow missed, taking the tip of his finger off in the process. The family heart a scream around that time, then a car speeding off. The trail of blood from the finger also leads to her neighbor’s house.


“I don’t find joy in anybody hurting themselves. However, karma has a good way of working itself out,” Wikoff said. I have to say, that’s about the only way to look at it.

The finger has been taken into custody by the police. The rest of the body it was formerly connected to, though, is still on the lam. Although I can’t imagine anyone is going to be running around with a slivered finger for long.