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Ron Adler started storing bicycles and motorcycles at his two-acre compound in Rye, Arizona 25 years ago. In that time he amassed approximately 9,000 motorcycles, bicycles, cars, and other things with wheels. On Saturday night, they were all destroyed in a massive blaze.


The fire started in the back corner of Adler's storage area for the bikes, which is called, conveniently, All Bikes. The fire grew and consumed the entire area, destroying 25 years of Adler's collection.

The fire was incredibly hard to fight. Rye has no fire department and there were no hydrants near the scene of the blaze. Arizona's fire fighting force is also spread thin at the moment battling some simply outrageous wildfires that claimed the lives of 19 firefighters this weekend.


In the end, the fire took out all of Adler's motorcycles and displaced about 20 to 30 more people nearby. It's another hardship for Arizona right now, and at a time when the state really doesn't need it.

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