Are You Faster Than A Jalopnik Writer? Come Race Us

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It's time for our annual reader meetup/race for the Detroit Auto Show at Kart 2 Kart in Sterling Heights this Saturday night. Care to race us? Click below for details.


As with last year's race, we're going to do a mini grand prix with one practice and one qualifying session for each driver. The top 36 fastest racers will be put in in a position race to determine who is the meanest, quickest, fastest driver of them all. I hope we can get at least one writer in one of those races.

Also as with last year, Kart 2 Kart will be generously providing some light fare with your admission price and Jalopnik will provide free soda to anyone who signs up. K2K also will give trophies to the podium finishers in each position race and there's also a Fast Lap contest on the Kart 2 Kart simulator. Basically, it's going to be awesome.

Price is $43 if you call Kart 2 Kart in advance at (586) 997-8800 or $48 if you sign up at the door. There's no guarantee that they won't run out of spots so call ahead! We should be showing up around 5:30 PM with the first races at 6:30 PM.


  • When: January 10th, 2015 from 5:30 PM until we have a winner
  • Where: Kart 2 Kart, 42705 Van Dyke Avenue – Sterling Heights, MI 48314
  • What: Mini Grand Prix. One Practice and One Qualifying Session for each driver. Top 36 drivers based on lap time will advance to one of 3 Position Races.
  • How Much: $43 in advance, $48 at the door


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