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Could you possibly be rad enough to drive this 1990's modified Datsun we found on Craigslist? Boy, I doubt it. And you know deep down you doubt it, too. This car is too much cool packed into one object, and you know that if you were to touch it, the damn thing might kill you. The seller describes the car as having a “super cool custom body job including fender flares, & front and rear end changes,” which is a coded message meaning the car is too cool for the seller to drive.

Datsun 240s are among the best sports cars of all time, providing a driving experience well above what they cost new. Short of a Jaguar, you’d have a hard time finding this kind of inline-six awesome in the early 1970s. Even today, there isn’t much that matches the 240Z for driving thrill. Toss a handful of sidedraft Weber carbs into the engine compartment, and it’ll sound like heaven on earth, too.


While the 240Z is a pretty enough design without messing about with it, this “body job” actually appears to be kinda well done based on the pictures. The car’s original shape is retained, but accentuated with flares. The headlights have been removed and glass’d over. Out back the hatch window has been ditched for a vertical window in a very 1990s fashion. It’s no longer elegant, but it sure is bitchin’.

Once you get to the interior, if you aren’t already in love you’ve got no pulse. Inside you’ve got several square miles of what appears to be a crushed velour and an entire forest of wood veneer.


And perhaps my favorite part of this whole car is the price. For just $5200, you could have a totally rad 240Z with a style all your own. If you don’t already have 90s cool crispy hair curtains I suggest you grow some right now. Once you have some, you might stand a chance of matching this Datsun on a scale of coolness.


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